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The little house that could!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I’ve had the pleasure of representing an incredibly special home. It’s endearing in every way and speaks to a simpler time. While this home has quite a resounding upgrade, it has kept its charm and wit. It’s happy, playful, and there’s a sense of whimsy & sophistication wrapped into one charming (endearing/idyllic?) package. Who knew?

What is so appealing about an updated farmhouse? Is it the sense of detail, the mix of old and new? The acreage or its history as a tulip farm? All the previous caretakers of this home have left their marks, and it whispers softly with a creak not a whimper. The warm fir floors have the patina of a life well lived. There’s an essence of days gone by and a promised future. This home lets you exhale and greets you with a thoughtful, unobtrusive welcome.

In its short little listed life, this home had a resounding 53 showings; from dust to dawn this little gem opened its doors to many visitors, brokers, architects, families, couples, single men, and women, and with each visit it spoke a slightly different story, from “a home I grew up in,” to the countryside where “I drove by a home just like this.” Everyone related to this special place from a memory of joy. Stepping into the past to find our future is a special experience; this home had a sense of place from the window seat in the kitchen to the sweet wallpaper in the powder room. The surfaces were right on! Updated quartz countertop in a rich steely gray with a custom backsplash of bright sculpted lemon-yellow tiles. Each thoughtful detail built on the next to make the simple details a mix of complex taste.

Why so much draw for a renovated home? We can all find a home that tries to replicate an updated farmhouse, but the real message in this home is taking the authentic and giving it a special twist of warmth, peacefulness, and a timeless future. A livable, comfortable, easy-going sense of place we long to find in a home.

The setting lets you breathe, the blooms are now popping, and the delicate buds replicate a storybook fairytale or a delicate oil painting with a history. Even a chicken coop skeptic would have a difficult time turning their back on this charming little palace, placed strategically in full view of the summer porch. The large cedar tree punctuates the southern lawn with stout branches beckoning adventuresome climbers. The northern lawn is ready for outdoor play; it feels like summer camp!

The expansive grounds bring a mix of the rustic outdoors with a campfire setting, combined with the playful wildlife of deer, the occasional coyote, and a menagerie of tweeting birds…all rolled into a playful mix of outdoor sophistication and summertime ruckus.

This has been one of my favorite homes to represent, for its character and care. As a Broker, it’s fun to share a happy story and make the most of a kind and gentle experience! Let spring begin!

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  • 32 pending residential listings High $$3,950,000 Median $1,193,000 Low $795 Average days on market 22

  • 26 sold residential listings High $3,000,000 Median $1,230,000 Low $353,500 Average days on market 11

  • 2 active vacant land listing High $498,000 Median $461,500 Low $425,000 Average days on market 7

  • 2 pending feasibility vacant land listings High $875,000 Median $500,000 Low $125,000 Average days on market 51

  • 2 sold vacant land High $585,000 Median $543,000 Low $501,000 Average days on market 12

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