Buying a home on Bainbridge Island

Relocating to Bainbridge?

Prioritizing your needs and staying focused on the features of a Bainbridge home are key to keeping your search productive. Never give up on your very top priorities. A short route to the ferry during commute hours may be of primary importance to you. If your search involves waterfront, water views, trees, lots of natural light, garden space, privacy, or being close to town, each of these items can be factored into your search. I’ll help you with what's most important and we can begin your search with your highest priorities as our main focus.

I review each of the listings as they come on the market and attend Brokers Tours, so I can intelligently speak to the condition, quality, noise level, light level, and commute times for each home. I combine the needs and wants of my clients with the practical and financial components. This is a partnership, and the most successful deals are completed with the efforts of a team!

You’ll find living on Bainbridge Island is as wonderful as I do! Bainbridge lives like a small town, and yet has the unique proximity to an urban city, as Seattle is just a 35-minute ferry ride away.



Bainbridge offers a unique variety of homes in planned neighborhoods, waterfront beach cottages, and large waterfront estates. Here, you can find a lovely modern family home, horse property on acreage, condominium with water views, and small, charming neighborhoods.
We can plan your trip to visit many of the areas on the island. Many times, I’ll find something you may not have considered; you won’t know or understand all there is to enjoy about the island without an in-depth tour to make the most of your visit.

What's most important for your new home?

  • What did you like about your previous home?

  • Are you downsizing or upsizing?

  • How many people will be living in the home?

  • Is proximity to town important?

  •  Do you like living in a neighborhood or having more land?

  • Is waterfront or a water view a must

  • What’s the optimal floorplan for your lifestyle?

  • Do you need a garage, studio, or workshop?

  • Will you renovate to make your own or build new construction?

  • Do you work from home?


Even a small island has neighborhoods!

Searching internet sites gives you a good idea of what’s available on Bainbridge Island, however online listings may not give you the full picture. Sometimes listings are positioned through the listing Broker’s eyes. It can be difficult to see all the true details from photos of a room. The descriptions from my photos or a walk-through video may show details with more exact descriptions than the images used to “sell” the home on the internet. Craftsmanship isn’t always apparent. Paint quality, types of wood, the “real” views from the rooms and not the rooftop are all important.
I’m your feet on the ground, your eye in the sky, your ship in the sea, your fly on the wall!


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