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Selling your Bainbridge Island home

Sell swiftly and for more

Selling your home can be overwhelming! Careful evaluation of sold and current properties with similar features, square footage, and more helps us evaluate a solid listing price. 

Before we begin discussing the selling price of your home or how to "ready it” for the market, we’ll do a thorough walk-through. I'll take notes, ask questions, and get a feel for how your home lives. It’s naturally difficult to see our home as others may view it.

I review all listings as they come on the market. We’ll de-personalize, de-clutter and pare down. We’ll decide whether light staging or possibly a full staging is worth the time and investment.

Having a pre-inspection is also important, because you don’t want to be caught having to reduce the price of your home due to unforeseen issues from an inspection report! Repairing or replacing things ahead of time will cost far less than reducing the price of your home. It will also shorten the negotiation period, resulting in moving you toward a successfully signed contract and a quicker close! 

I believe good, representative photography is key to communicating how your home will appear online. Most buyers start their search online, so having the right photos can make all the difference! 

I like to have all the lights turned on for showings, I also prefer the showing scheduled with at least one-hour notice. This gives the owner (or me) time to turn on lights and tidy up!

Happy selling! Now, let’s get packing!


Staging prepares a home for sale in the real estate market and makes it likely to sell more quickly and for more money. Staging gives you an advantage, making your home appealing to the highest number of buyers.

By staging a home beautifully, buyers can envision themselves in your home and can understand more fully how your home “lives.”

I offer minimal or full home staging services to brighten your home and make it flawlessly appealing. Working with a combination of my clients’ own furnishings and my own personal inventory, I create a warm and heartfelt interior. I also will provide full staging inventory if you prefer.

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