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Why a covered front porch?

I love working in real estate. It gives me an opportunity to meet many people from around the country. I enjoy the mix of showing property and working on contracts, listing and selling homes and the entire process of helping people realize their dream, possibly their next step in life, or a need to make a change.

Lately I've been interested in watching what speaks to a home buyer and I have found several clients have gravitated toward homes with covered porches. We live in the Pacific Northwest and at times our inclement weather can put a damper (no pun intended) on being outside. Covered porches are terrific for sitting out on a rainy day and enjoying the fresh air with a big wooly sweater, reading a book in the shade in the summer or having family and friends over for an afternoon. 

Porches are a great place to gather, doggies love them, they fill a social need to be out and in at the same time, you can wave to neighbors, invite someone to stop by, have a early morning coffee in the fresh air while you work on your laptop or read the paper.

Porches have provided a “place to hang” a welcoming, friendly entrance to a home, a porch swing to gently rock a baby, there’s a fundamental nostalgia which belongs to “The Covered Porch.” Next time you’re out waling take note of the porches around your neighborhood, wave if you see someone sitting there….building community starts one porch at a time!


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