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Why the small things can be so BIG

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

This is a true story. Names haven't been changed to protect the innocent. It’s a story about a home, a client, and the relationship I never saw coming: a relationship that changed my approach to my business, boosted my peace of mind, and put me back on the planet with my feet more firmly planted. (It’s not a religious experience, a grandiose social media story, or a plug for more business; it’s a story written from the heart that has helped me with how I view what I do every day.)

Almost a year ago I received a request to show a listing that wasn’t at a “price point” I was accustomed to. With a solid run of listings and sales — and running a bit thin on patience and rest — I felt like I might find it difficult to meet my standards of professionalism and kind-heartedness showing this and similar properties. (At the time I was a bit unraveled with so much going on for so long.) My instincts were right: Assisting this client required me to make many trips to show properties within this particular price point, and there were close but no cigarback to square one, and just plain stall moments. The time invested seemed very unlikely to break even, and I had to dig down (counting to ten) to stay on the mission.

Guess what, though? I became more and more endeared to this client! We had our own language and quips about the properties we viewed, and started to talk about “what could be done” to properties instead of what was wrong with them. I found myself looking forward to answering her calls instead of feeling as though the sky was falling. Our conversations were becoming longer, and the passion to find this person the right situation for her next forever home became a meaningful goal. We laughed at just how crazy this quest was becoming, and my affection for the process was reignited.

This great story isn't even over yet: Debby's home in Bremerton is now listed and we're awaiting the right buyer so she may move forward.

Small home, BIG heart! $390,000 MLS# 2165040 1301 Poindexter Ave, Bremerton 98312

What I've loved about the whole experience is how kindly Debby speaks of her neighbors, her gentle approach to challenges, and her ability to laugh at herself, me, and the situation … instead of pointing fingers. The lessons I have learned from this tiny home, the client with a huge heart, and the opportunity to get back to basics are priceless to me! I've become more aware than ever that quality relationships are at the heart of what I do and why I love it.


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  • 18 Pending listings High $7,800,000, Median $1,006,500 Low $350,000, Average days on market 38

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