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No "canned" do!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Yes, “no can do” for canned material and blogs with information that lacks any thoughtful, heartfelt information. I write from the heart and share information I hope is valuable on a personal level. I’m not interested in regurgitating information and plopping it into my newsletter and blog. In this time of TOO MUCH information and opinions all over the map, I wanted to explain why I write a blog from the heart and not using content supplied by other sources; I neither cut and paste nor plagiarize.

When you’ve been in the real estate business or market as long as I have, I feel one has a responsibility to write material based on experience and solid advice, sharing personal knowledge. I too, enjoy impressive visuals, interesting articles, and some reposting of information. However, let’s face it: Reposting and rehashing canned material has become overwhelming and not necessarily effective. Going viral is of no interest to me.

Cover of the book 14,000 Things to be Happy About

Our son Hunter gave me a book several years ago entitled 14,000 Things to be Happy About. I highly recommend this book, for it will feed your soul, make you smile, and give you a lift to start your day. Examples of a few of the 14,000 things to be happy about: “scoring super-high on a Scrabble turn,“children at recess,” “comfy chairs in large bookstores,” “mugs of soup,” “going through a car wash with little kids,” “when the lights flicker but don’t go out," “taking advantage of all the opportunities to keep your mouth shut,” “a post office and a grocery store being the only services on the island.” I’m serious, that last quote is in the book on page 317!

So, there you go, go to Eagle Harbor Books or your favorite local bookstore and order The Happy Book by Barbara Ann Kipper (or if you must, buy the book on Amazon) and take the time to talk to three people while in person at the bookstore. Enjoy the anticipation of the book arriving and going to pick it up. While at the bookstore, look around at all the experiences a bookstore has to offer: the smells, the hundreds of different book covers, the creak of the wooden floor, and the dogs outside waiting for their owners. You won’t get those experiences online. In a world of immediate gratification with a click of a button, you’re robbed of the full experience of purchasing a book, talking to a clerk, using your voice, your ears, your touch, and all the things to be happy about.

It’s uncanny how easily we can find things to be happy about.


Bainbridge Island real estate over the past 30 days

  • 15 active residential listings High $7,998,000, Median $1,198,000 Low $525,000, Average days on market 24

  • 16 pending residential listings |High$1,850,000, Median$972,450 Low $495,000, Average days on market 34

  • 27 sold residential listings High $2,600,000, Median $985,000 Low $385,000, Average days on market 33

  • 2 active vacant land listing High $629,000, Median $539,000 Low $449,000, Days on market 21

  • 2 pending vacant land listing High $890,000, Median $730,000 Low $570,000, Days on market 92

  • 1 sold vacant land listing $450,000, Days on market 170

  • 1 unlisted homes sold Total for $1,800,000, Days on market 0

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1 Comment

Nov 05, 2022

I love this. ❤ Please always be authentically and exactly as you are.

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