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There’s freedom in having NO control!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

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You might say we like control, and whether that shoe fits you or not, it’s worth consideration. I’ve been working in Real Estate for over 20+ years. I came from a professional background in Industrial Design specializing in product design, where a product had to meet controlled standards of manufacturing and safety. I practiced and enjoyed having control over my professional standards. My work took me to NYC, Stuttgart, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Michigan with General Motors. These were wonderful experiences, each having defined expectations.

Fast forward … I’m a Realtor and a Broker in the State of Washington. Prior to coming to Washington, I practiced Real Estate in Michigan. Once again, I developed and followed professional standards of practice; I’m licensed and abide by the ethical standards of the National Association of Realtors. I stay atop industry trends and keep my license current by continuing my educational requirements and taking the attendant tests … pretty straightforward. I’m a licensed Broker with one of the most progressive and dynamic firms in the country.

What has changed? We’ve ALL experienced a sense of lost control; no one saw this coming, and it has manifestly changed nearly every element of our lives.

We love control; we love the “known” and we plan our days, weeks, and years contemplating what we’ll do next. We can “see” the future based on our individual plans. Well, there has been a HUGE disrupter and it doesn’t appear like it’s going away anytime soon. The GOOD news is, we’re adapting! We’ve taken this enormous shift in our lives and have slowly worked it into a positive, courageous shuffling of the cards. We’re coming out the other side with a vast amount of flexibility building in our souls. Pat yourself on the back!

I continue to work harder than ever, as there is NO inventory and extremely high demand. Many of my lovely clients have prevailed in purchasing and selling homes in what we call a “HOT” market. We’ve adapted to virtual tours, scheduling appointments online, and laughing at facetime showings where we start the session looking at ourselves! We’re realizing we have less control. Cash buyers may have the edge over mortgaged buyers, but given the right tools to make an offer, the game is refocused on the terms of our offer, and not always the cash!

​Two recent successes in guiding my clients through challenges

The wonderful thing about having no control is that we’re all bound by a common denominator! So, relax, let’s endeavor to reduce some of this anxiety and transform it into reality so we may shift expectations—not only of ourselves but of everyone around us. We all adapt at our own pace. We can do this; we can order take-out, schedule appointments online, share our BEST-OF Netflixes with each other, and have a Zoom book club gathering. We ROCK, and with all the confusion, we’ve adapted more than we realize!

Back to the Real Estate the market is tough, and you may want to sell and downsize. Have a plan in place for working through that process. I’ve moved many clients to smaller homes, and I’m adept at helping guide you. If you’re not a cash buyer and are getting a mortgage for your new home, let’s talk about the strategy for writing a compelling offer. If you’re a cash buyer and want to prevail, let’s make sure it’s a reasonable process. I intend to keep my integrity and your peace of mind intact and will guide you with the utmost respect for your situation.

I hope to see you at the finish line, new keys in hand! We’ll also discuss the new USPS Change of Address form …

Very truly yours,

Bainbridge Island real estate over the past 30 days

  • 7 active residential listings High $2,398,000 Median $1,048,000 Low $729,000, Average days on market 7

  • 22 pending residential listings High $2,950,000, Median $829,500 Low $148,000, Average days on market 22

  • 8 sold residential listings High $3,440,000 Median $1,206,000 Low $749,000, Average days on market 8

  • 1 active vacant land listings Price: $875,000

  • 4 pending feasibility vacant land listings High $579,000 Medium $197,000 Low $95,000, Average days on market 147

  • 3 sold vacant land listings High $2,337,000 Median $1,663,000 Low $295,000, Average days on market 161

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