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Feather YOUR nest

Given the climate of the past 30+ days there’s no question buying or selling a home has taken a back seat to one’s health. If you currently own or rent a home and are happy to have a roof over your head to hunker down for a while, that’s terrific! If you were hoping to cash in on your investment and downsize, that may take a while to figure out next steps. Feeling you’re in a holding pattern, like most of us, and really can’t make any decisions until the situation settles down, that’s normal and give yourself a pat on the back for accepting what is.

Above all, please take care of yourself, your loved ones and let the process take its course.Hopefully we will come out of this process with a clear perspective regarding what’s important, what we can live without and how we simplify our lives for a healthier, happy, gentler life moving forward. In the past 30 days 32 homes have sold on Bainbridge Island. Financing rates make purchasing a home very appealing or refinancing your home is also something you may want to consider. Take a few minutes and call your bank or favorite mortgage broker and see what they may do for you. If it’s been awhile since you've thought about this and you need a referral, I’m happy to send you several. Above all, please take care of yourself, your loved ones and let the process take its course.

Maybe now is the time to take on a list of projects you've been "procrastinating" on; it will make you feel good to accomplish something you never have time to do. The weather is perfect and having the time to enjoy being outside in your yard or cleaning out that messy closet will help you focus on doing something positive.

We have so much to be thankful for. It would be a shame to squander it worrying about things out of our control. The BLOOMS, BIRDS, and BLUE SKY are all singing our praises for giving our planet some breathing room; enjoy it...wash your hands, wear your mask, and start a task!

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