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Enjoy your expectations

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

As most of you reading this blog are aware, I work in real estate. I help manage many aspects of clients’ lives while they transition to a larger home, smaller home, rental, building their dream home, purchasing a second home, or taking on an investment property. Within each facet of these decisions, I’ve come to realize it’s important and immensely satisfying to complete a task: The final accomplishment is worth its weight in gold. The alternative? You’re always seeking the next opportunity without embracing the success you’ve already attained. Allow these accomplishments to feed your soul; take a breather, and pat yourself on the back!

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! MLS# 1963929, 2014330, 1994345, and 2017531

It was a pleasure representing the buyers of these excellent homes. Please reach out to me if you'd like more details, or if I may assist you.

Are we all suffering from Accomplishment Deficit Disorder? On a treadmill with so many endless possibilities, do we ever stop to smell the roses? Take a minute to review your last month. What was so pressing that you lost sleep over it? What did you accomplish unexpectedly? Was there something that you didn’t set out to do that became awesome? Unexpected accomplishment — now that’s a real bonus!

We’re living in a time of countless uncertainties for which none of us has a crystal ball. Taking time to organize your thoughts, make a plan, accomplish a task, and enjoy the outcome should give you a wonderful sense of meeting your expectation. Setting goals and letting the process unfold can be a worthwhile experience, unlike jumping from one task to another and feeling like you’re only putting out fires, which gives us neither a sense of accomplishment nor peace of mind.

While I’m fortunate enough to have clients trust me with one of the largest purchases they will make in their lives, it’s incumbent upon me to embrace that relationship first and foremost. “They chose me!” Now I can get to work doing what I do best professionally: moving my clients through a process. It will be stressful but it will also be fun! We’ll discuss options, agree, disagree, laugh, eat lunch together, make lists, ask questions, and really “dig in” to meet the goal of buying or selling a home. Many times, from that journey grows a friendship, and that, too, is an unexpected bonus.

I love dropping by my Compass office to catch up on the latest.

Strolling along Real Estate Lane can be a super-enjoyable process. Realizing a dream is a remarkable thing and should be embraced with a strong sense of enthusiasm. I appreciate a good challenge and value, even more, the ability to cross the finish line with a successful transaction. I hope to assist with your preparation and training, accompany you during our adventure, and celebrate as we cross the finish line in harmony.

Stay well, stay encouraged, and embrace your expectations.

Bainbridge Island real estate over the past 30 days

  • 14 active residential listings High $6,498,000, Median $1,444,000 Low $555,000, Average days on market 8

  • 5 pending inspection listings High $1,485,000, Median $1,081,500 Low $445,000, Average days on market 32

  • 14 pending listings High $3,685,000, Median $1,424,5000 Low $375,000, Average days on market 43

  • 12 sold residential listings High $1,559,000, Median $1,052,000 Low $560,000, Average days on market 83

  • 1 active vacant land listing $4,450,000, Days on market 1

  • 1 unlisted home sold $1,180,000, Days on market 0

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