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e’re the real estate team that listens & understands your needs.


A focus on Bainbridge and surrounding areas means that we know the ropes. We offer:

  • Over 25-years of accepted offers and sold homes.

  • Our extensive network — we work well with other brokers.

  • Access to the COMPASS Concierge service to help you get your home in shape for sale without upfront costs or interest.

  • Experience with relocations.

My long-term relationships with clients reflect my dedication: It’s an honor to help my clients with a transaction that is as seamless and stress-free.

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Selected homes we’ve helped clients buy or sell in 2023

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Working with the McLaughlin team


Kim is the best. Very knowledgeable, very personable and caring. Gives the customer the highest priority, puts them as the number one and goes above and beyond helping them find the right house.


We really enjoyed working with Kim and her husband to navigate the very difficult landscape of finding the right home to purchase.


As first time home buyers, my wife and I were completely unaware of how to start the process, who to go to for a loan, and even what our options were. Specifically, buying a home at this time in Seattle is not only opaque but the speed at which one needs to act in this market can be a tough ask. Kim met us early in our home buying journey and happily helped us navigate this complicated space. Throughout this entire journey, we always felt comfortable asking any questions we had and never felt clueless on how to handle any stage of the process. She shared her expert opinion on how to best position ourselves in this market to be able to get the home we wanted. She is EXTREMELY timely in her responses and helped connect us with other trusted colleagues in the home buying space to make the journey an effortless one.


One of Kim's traits that we were truly thankful for was that we could trust that she had our best interest at heart and we never felt pressure to make any decisions that would put us at risk. And if you are familiar with this competitive market, you will know what an amazing feat this is! Even when WE wanted to make a hasty decision, Kim was there to help us regain our senses and keep on the path we wanted to our dream home.


If you want the absolute best treatment, a trusted expert, a kind and caring person who will help answer your questions and set you up for success, look no further than Kim McLaughlin.


Kim was very knowledgeable, friendly, responsive and on top of things. The whole process went quickly and smoothly. A pleasure to work with. Thanks again for your help.

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