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Suite Dreams-Valentine!

Why does it make so much sense to have a home with a Main Floor Master Bedroom?

I’ll tell you…. the home will live better. Most bedrooms serve as a sanctuary, a place to get away and a respite from a long day. The closer the Master Bedroom is to the rooms you use in your home the better. You will spend more time organizing and enjoying the Master Bedroom if it’s closer to you. The proximity to the rest of the living spaces also makes it more efficient. That’s not to say it should be a pass through but let’s face it if you need to climb stairs every time you go to the Master Bedroom chances are you’ll leave items on the stairs and take them “upstairs” at the end of the day.

You may also want to keep your home and age in place which is important to many baby boomers. We like our homes and we want to stay in them as long as possible. Having our Master Bedroom on the main floor allows us the flexibility of aging in place and downsizing when we chose. If you have an extra room on your main floor and it’s currently not being used as a bedroom it may be time to think about converting it to a more useful space such as the Master Bedroom–Sweet Dreams!