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You CAN do this!

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

How about we get your home READY … WAAAY before you decide to sell?

Remember the old saying, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today?” Nothing rings truer in that statement than getting a home ready for the market; truth be known, it can take an exceptionally long time to ready your home for sale. If you’re looking to regain some of your hard-earned equity, there’s no better time than today to begin the process of getting organized. Two great options will come out of your decision:

  1. You will end up with your home being so lovely, organized and just the way you want it, you decide to keep it! OR

  2. You receive TOP dollar for all your effort!

It’s daunting to clean out a garage and give items to all the various charities and online marketplaces or make your grown children pick up “their stuff” as they haven’t lived at home for over five years! If you think about how long it took to acquire all those gems, it may feel like it takes equally as long to shuffle them off to Buffalo. I’m not kidding when I say organizing your home for sale can take you down, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. The current trend for real estate listings is moving increasingly to the “vacant” and “staged” profile, thereby making it easier on the sellers, as there’s no disrupting the homeowner for showings. Further, you’ll have as many showing per day as the showing time application can book; this is a gargantuan plus. It also de-personalizes the home which serves to broaden the profile for a larger pool of buyers and spread the wealth if I may be so blunt … resulting in many more over-asking offers.

The opportunity to show your home in its absolute best light takes a degree of expertise. A Broker with a keen eye can help with: a new paint color in the primary bedroom, neutralizing the palette of the home to appeal to a larger audience, and “parking” out the grounds to give the home a crisp clean curb appeal. We don’t always have the opportunity to live the way we would like to imagine ourselves living, and by committing the time to organize and show your home the way you wish you would have lived will help clarify what you’ll do in your next residence.

Your Broker is there to guide you. We help with this process as part of our job and most of us have a sense of what must be done. It’s not always easy to give your clients a massive honeydew list and there’s going to be push back, given you didn’t get around to fixing all those “home projects” for years. Why would starting now feel any different? It is possible and achievable and will result in a phenomenally successful sale of your home.

Change can be a little unsettling and getting organized can take a bit of time but how do you eat an elephant? (Metaphorically, as I love elephants) “one bite at a time!”

Yes, YOU can do this!

Bainbridge Island real estate over the past 30 Days

  • 23 active residential listings High $5,498,000, Median $1,098,000 Low $270,500, Average days on market 8

  • 32 pending residential listings High $5,300,000, Median $1,092,495 Low $4,200, Average days on market 11

  • 41 sold residential listings High $4,100,000, Median $1,400,000 Low $606,000, Average days on market 20

  • 4 active vacant land listing High $6,600,000, Median $760,000 Low $525,000, Average days on market 7

  • 1 pending vacant land listing $150,000, Average days on market 19

  • 2 sold vacant land High $950,000, Median $787,000 Low $625,000, Average days on market 9

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