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Why we move…

Why do we move? We move to make a change.

Deciding to make a change and uproot is a BIG deal, and one that shouldn’t be made in a hurry nor taken lightly. There’s no right or wrong time to make a move. Sometimes a change is needed, and the natural step is to change our environment. Maybe we anticipate our decision to change our location is for the better. or we simply think, “It’s time to go.”

We’ve all moved ourselves or something at one time or another — our furniture, our locale, rearranged our closet, our desk, moved on to or out of a relationship.

Why is a move important? It makes us take stock. Think about how this change will affect us: if we’re moving across the country to another state or possibly another country, the move becomes more complicated and requires more “moving parts”. Coinciding with the change is also the hope to maintain what we like about where we currently reside.

For example, you like your work but not the city you live in or you want to take the new job but the relocation to humidity and congestion has you reeling at the thought of a move, sound familiar? You like your current home but not the busy street you live on; your children are thriving in their current school, but your job is a drag. So, you go searching for the good and want to leave the rest behind.

With our work routines, our children’s schools, or daily need for a good cup of coffee at a local coffee shop on the way to work, we look to hold on to what we love and jettison the rest.

Moving is good, it makes us re-evaluate, shakes things up a bit and gives us something to look forward to. I think the process can be made to have an exceptionally good outcome.

Well, what now? We’re currently in an extremely hot market. If you’re currently selling, it seems like a great idea, but you still need to live somewhere. Is the move a financial one? Do you love your home but want to cash out? Is your large waterfront home too much maintenance? You can’t put a price on peace of mind, so you need to make an educated decision as to what matters most to you. There’s no easy answer and none of us has a crystal ball. I don’t care what anyone tells you, I guarantee they don’t have the answer, as there isn’t one.

Take stock of what gives you the ability to sleep a night and from there follow your gut. Make the decision based upon what’s better for you.

I’ve recently moved to a new company, and it’s the BEST MOVE I could have made. Yes, there have been a few challenges stretching my brain to get up-to-speed on new technology platforms. I’ve been given the opportunity to challenge my comfort zone. The end result has given me the tools I need to be great at what I do: help my clients recognize their dreams!

Happy to chat if you have the time!

All the best!

Bainbridge Island Real Estate in the past 30 days

  • 11 active residential listings High $3,996,000, Median $1,054,528 Low $415,000, Average days on market 25

  • 52 pending residential listings High $4,280,000, Median $1,104,500 Low $1,104,500, Average days on market 16

  • 28 sold residential listings High $2,500,000, Median $1,210,250 Low $305,000, Average days on market 31

  • 8 sold unlisted properties High $1,592,000, Median $950.00 Low 4575,000 Average days on market 0

  • 5 active vacant land listings High $900,000, Median $368,000 Low $95,000, Average days on market 1

  • 1 pending vacant land High $996,000, Median $996,000 Low $996,000, Average days on market 256

  • 3 sold vacant land High $575,000, Median $340,000 Low $167,000, Average days on market 28

  • 8 sold unlisted vacant land High $349,000, Median $349,000 Low $349,000, Average days on market 0

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