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Vulnerability is a gift!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Use your vulnerability as a gift. To say we didn’t see this coming is like saying we believe all good things never come to an end. We know that isn’t true, and as much as we’d like to believe it, instinctively we know better. As humans, we’re usually in some sort of a survival mode. Which takes me to the topic at hand … what’s next?

We've been on a wild ride in the real estate sector: There's not a buyer, seller, or bystander who hasn’t been amazed at the soaring prices, multiple bids, over-asking prices and repeat-purchases of homes. Now with the “shift” in the housing market, we are now adjusting again! We recently witnessed the largest behavioral shift in decades, working from home, zooming, and becoming relatively dependent on technology to stay in touch with co-workers, clients, family members — even our doctors. I say let’s step back and be extremely thankful we’re all still here!

My mother has a wonderful saying (Barbara is now 90 and I’ve just returned from visiting her in Michigan). Throughout my life, whenever I didn’t know what to do or felt strife, she would say, “Kimmy, if you don’t know what to do, do nothing!” Nothing doesn’t mean actually nothing, but it means giving yourself permission to step back, re-access, take a pause, recalculate, and decide how to reenter. I say to you now, consider that as a plausible plan.

Photo of a blond woman in a car, smiling, wearing a coat and red lipstick
Barbara Wood, 90

You may like your reimagined new self; things that felt so massively pressing may have diminished. After recently being with my mom and my beloved father-in-law who is 98 (retired surgeon), I walked away with a healthy perspective on what we end up taking with us. It’s not our car, jewelry, flashy homes, or second homes. It’s getting our hearing aids to work so we can hear the ones we love! It’s eating slowly and taking in the enjoyment of a meal together, not worrying about tomorrow but savoring the day, the hour, and the minute. When we strolled my father-in-law back to his cozy setting in his comfortable surroundings, several friends who passed by saying, “Hello doctor.” He worked in a MASH unit as young doctor, was married for over 50 years to his first wife who passed away, has seven grown children, remarried at 86 (yes, 86!). His life has served him very well. The takeaway here (I love takeaways) is that there’s nothing more poignant, precious, and profound than understanding and cherishing the most valuable thing we have in life and what we give each other: our time.

I wish you myriad opportunities to share your valuable asset with others this season. As in most things, such sharing becomes easier when oft practiced. Curious observation: the more time we give away to others, the more thoroughly we enjoy what time which remains.

Two men sitting at a table with wine, talking
Jack with his dad, Jack McLaughlin, 98

So, my gift to all of you who have read this: a box, carefully wrapped with a lovely bow, inside of which is the gift of self-reflection. Have a wonderful holiday.

Warmest Regards,

Bainbridge Island real estate over the past 30 days

  • 10 active residential listings High $3,700,000, Median $1,099,000 Low $500,000 Average days on market 27

  • 10 pending residential listings High $1,395,000, Median $1,050,000 Low $615,000 Average days on market 44

  • 27 sold residential listings High $2,865,000, Median $1,050,000 Low $ $500,000 Average days on market 36

  • 5 active vacant land listings High $2,700,000, Median $750,000 Low $ $650,000 Days on market 23

  • 2 pending vacant land listings High $699,900, Median $389,950 Low $80,000, Average days on market 56

  • 2 sold vacant land listings High $915,000 Median $715,000 Low $515,000, average days on market 92

  • 2 unlisted homes sold Total for $2,976,000, Days on market 0

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