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The BUS stops here!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

You can tell a lot about a community by the bus stops it keeps. Living on Bainbridge Island is a gift; we are one of those communities you can choose to be all in—or not—and still enjoy its quirky, down-home personality.

This uncertain period shall pass. Please make it a worthwhile experience.I’ve made it a habit to run every day. I take the same route (not taking the bus) and pass two bus stops on my 3-mile run. I realize there’s simple uncomplicated joy in doing the same thing every day and experiencing something different. The two bus stops I pass each day are for school children waiting for the school bus and anyone wishing to sit down while waiting for public transit. The bus stops are covered with a nice metal roof (great for hearing the rain), nicely built, environmentally connected to the surroundings, complement the wooded environment, and serve as a low-key quiet message center for those paying attention.

Some of the fun at the bus stop: Bear Huggers, Stone Painters, Bird Whisperers

One day when I arrived there were little painted rocks placed with messages to whomever was paying attention. EXTREMELY sweet! Another day there was a hand-drawn teddy bear fastened with little wooden push pins, for all the bear huggers. You know who you are as you place teddy bears in your window for children to find, like a scavenger hunt (something sweet to build community and pass the time).

Please take a moment and sit upon the bench provided, close your eyes, and listen to the birds sing their little hearts out! The birds’ symphony—unspoiled by overhead planes—is a real plus!

I sell real estate. Yes, that’s what I do for a living. How I choose to view my community is up to me. This uncertain period shall pass. Please make it a worthwhile experience.

Sometimes, it’s okay to miss a bus, as each is not always the better route; may the Coronavi-bus skip your stop. Take care of yourself and each other, xo,

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