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Take a walk on the wild side!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

My children grew up having one of their favorite books read to them: “Where the Wild Things Are.” Maurice Sendak had a way of wrapping his head around what parents, grandparents, and baby-sitters enjoyed reading to children. The story made me feel connected to my own childhood, as well as maneuvering child rearing. I liked the book so much we named our boat, “The Wild Rumpus”.

This post is about two paths: the path we take to secure a dwelling and the path we walk to clear our head.

Here I am helping clients maneuver the process of recognizing their dreams, and at the same time holding on to their finances. One of the most important parts of home buying and selling is to hold onto your ground; don’t step into the abyss and think you’re going to figure it out later.

A home is still a house…don’t overspend, as you won't sleep better at night—bedtime stories or not. If you’re selling your home, do the work to obtain the best price. You’ve paid handsomely to own a home; why not reap the benefits of realizing the highest and best price?

Properly readying your home for market entails a pre-inspection with repairs already completed, de-cluttering, reorganizing closets, garages, and some simple staging to help you achieve a better offer. If you have time to slowly improve your property, the financial reward is worth it. There’s nothing wrong with sweat equity! If you’re purchasing a home, look for a home with upside; you want to capitalize on your investment.

Now back to the fun part…

Take a walk on the wild side: Put down your computer, cell phone, turn off Netflix and take a long, silent, majestic walk, hike, jog, or stroll on precious Bainbridge Island. We have an incredible amount of free (sans admission) “clear your head space.” Amazing trails, rich with ferns, old, toppled trees, mosses with the rich aroma of nature, mushrooms peeking out, birds playing tag. Take note of the wrinkled faces found in the bark of old trees, their branches outstretched and ready to hug you. It’s quite intoxicating, serving to filter your thoughts and clear your head.

If you want a list of special hikes or strolls, it’s easy to search on Google, though I’ve provided a list below of my favorite walks. How fortunate are we to have so many wonderful places, preserved to reset our peace of mind, clear our head, and make peace with nature? Take your family, friends, yourself and walk the many soft, fragrant paths. Be sure to look up: It’s magical, you'll feel the forest, and will see the forest for its trees.

Battle Point Park Grand Forest Trails

Cross Island Trail Hidden Cove Trails

Eagledale to Fort Ward Trail John Nelson Trail

Fay Bainbridge Park Moritani Preserve

Fort Ward Park Ted Olson Nature Preserve

Gazzam Lake Nature Pres


Stay safe, be well, stay kind.

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Bainbridge Island real estate in the past 30 days

  • 46 Active Residential Listings high $1,700,000, median $1,201,667 low $271,000, average days on market: 46

  • 17 Pending Residential Listings high $2,135,000, median $859,900 low $418,000, average days on market: 29

  • 29 Sold Residential Listings high $7,600,000, median $834,000 low $232,000, average days on market: 53

  • 0 Active Vacant Land Listings high $1,075,000, median $487,500 low $248,000, average days on market: 81

  • 2 Pending Vacant Land high $1,075,000, median $810,000 low $545,000, average days on market: 93

  • 1 Pending Feasibility Vacant Land Listings high $374,000, median $374,000 low $374,000, average days on market: 62

  • 6 Sold Vacant Land Listings high $900,000, median $287,500 low $140,000, average days on market: 104

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