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No chairs left?

October on Bainbridge Island

If you’ve been reading my blog, likely I’ve met you in person, I’ve listed or sold your home, or we share a common interest. I make it a point to write from the heart, keeping it simple and informative. To that point, this market may have found you without a chair when the music stopped. Maybe that’s a good thing…is it time for you to settle in for cooler weather and stop trying to make sense of things?

The housing market on Bainbridge Island is booming! I’ve been asked by many clients, friends, family, and other brokers “What’s going on?!” My sincere answer is: “What’s not going on?” Homes are selling at a record rate—many for over asking price. Some reasons may be incredibly low interest rates coupled with low inventory. Many cash buyers are choosing to waive contingencies in hopes of being the one chosen to land a contract. All this activity is fueled with buyers and sellers fleeing urban areas for a kinder, gentler environment.

The idea of having a third or fourth bedroom as a dedicated home office is becoming increasingly helpful; further, the separation is nice, as it provides space away from the dining room which is now being used as the “homeschooling classroom.” A little separation during those Zoom conference calls goes a long way in helping maintain one’s sanity, proving priceless!

I’ve practiced Real Estate for over 20 years. From my personal point of view, there are many reasons we are scrambling to make sense of this hot market. You may be thinking it’s time to make a change and exercise some control in your life in what feels like an out-of-control world. Perhaps you’d simply like a well-deserved home office. As I’ve been working from home more, I thoroughly enjoy having a cozy place to work.

As I help clients move to Bainbridge Island from other cities, states, or to relocate within the island, no two stories are the same. I have clients wishing to flee the city, others hoping to find a larger home for a more reasonable price from which they came, and still others needing a room with separation from the kiddos while working. There are as many reasons out there as there are multiple offers!

If you enjoy your home I suggest holding on to it. If you’re wanting or needing more room, then perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and list. If you think it’s time to cash in while the market is hot, I can’t find a good argument against that idea, especially if you’re looking to downsize. Most important is to stay focused upon what’s important: your safety, your loved one’s safety, and your peace of mind.

Enjoy the fall colors, bake some bread, take a walk, and remember: this too shall pass.

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