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Love the home you’re with…

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Searching for the answer to life lately? This has been a trying time for many people, with an underlying, ever-present state of self-reflection being more than likely at the heart of it.

I write today with a twist on issues related to real estate and the surrounding topics of housing. During the past year I’ve employed many metaphors for nesting; why we nest, how we nest, what causes us to seek the right place to nest, and ultimately learning to make peace with what we have.

Love the home you’re with is not such a bad idea when you think about it. It’s a state of mind, a coming to terms with a certain calmness, enjoying what life has to offer and not allowing yourself to get caught up chasing the dream. Could it possibly be the dream is surrounding you?

As I write for this monthly blog, my beloved dogs nestle next to me in the sunroom. They’ve no need to live in opulence if I take care of them and provide food; basic, right? The morning sun is shining through the window, bathing the room where I’m sitting. I’ve no need for a larger, more grandiose room, as this feels perfect! I treasure the rising sun illuminating the day developing before my eyes, which is something which can’t be bought, only enjoyed. I can see frost on the grass. I don’t have to pay for this velvety green view of nature, as it’s just there for me to appreciate; nature doesn’t accept Apple Pay.

If purchasing a home is your current quest—and while waiting to find the right match–love the warmth of where you presently reside; enjoy the things you’ve brought to that place you presently call home which make it familiar. Relax in your accomplishments, and the feeling of home will eventually present itself. Any nook and cranny can give you solitude—if you allow it. Stop worrying about what you don’t have and embrace what you have. This will change your perspective and give you peace of mind. Love the one (home) you’re with…

The opposite side of this buying pursuit is selling. If you’re selling your home and “moving on” take time to recall all the positive experiences you enjoyed in this place, this nest which has served you as place of respite, whether it’s been a studio apartment, one room condo, double-wide, family compound, waterfront estate or a little rustic cabin. There were memories made, and loved ones spoken to in-person, by phone or Zoomed. That nest has served a purpose. Home is what you make it, so love the home you’re with.

Let’s segue to the real estate conditions on Bainbridge Island. The market is very robust right now: many homes are selling at a record rate in 1 or 2 days, inspections are being waived and offers coming in over-asking price. This frenzy of activity is unprecedented in my 21 years in real estate. Be mindful and cautious; don’t jump into the frenzy without a plan. The only person who can really take care of you is you. There’ll always be another house, so make the time to look for the right home. So, if a few get away, there’ll be another around the corner, down the lane, past the bus stop, over the hedge, or across the harbor.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bainbridge Island Real Estate in the past 30 days

  • 22 active residential listings high $9,750,000, median $1,325,000 low $535,000, average days on market: 134

  • 18 pending residential listings high $3,325,000, median $849,450 low $169,900, average days on market: 14

  • 29 sold residential listings high $2,175,000, median $881,000 low $418,000, average days on market: 34

  • 13 active vacant land listings high $3,400,000, median $350,000 low $49,997, average days on market: 228

  • 3 pending vacant land high $599,000, median $410,000 low $225,000, average days on market: 667

  • 4 sold vacant land high $1,100,000, median $377,500 low $225,000, average days on market: 263

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