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Do the WRITE thing, and the rest will follow

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! I recently represented the successful buyers of these three excellent properties. From left to right: $1,050,000 MLS# 2017531, $1,200,000 MLS# 2017531, and $2,450,000 MLS #1963929 (Represented the buyers.)

If you've been receiving my newsletter over the past couple of years, you know I love a good play on words. Doing the right thing is just that; when writing an offer, doing the right thing is most important in keeping my clients out of trouble and on the right path to winning a bid to purchase or sell a home. I've noticed after the past two years, both heightened selfishness and selflessness coming out of the pandemic. We have either tipped the scale to watch out for ourselves in a rather forceful, possibly selfish way — OR have jumped on the train to change our lives to be more selfless, opting to reconnect with old friends and family and to give our lives more true meaning.

I've given a lot of thought to how to reestablish my own protocol for working with Buyers and Sellers and connecting with friends, family, and new acquaintances. The biggest takeaway is to be present; turn off the noise and listen to what the person I'm spending time with is saying. It may seem like a small thing, but the devil is in the details. This takes me back to the topic of Real Estate. It's been a crazy couple of years, and the Real Estate market is no exception. With all the flying offers, multiple bids, over-bidding toward already expensive properties, and listed homes that are perfectly staged & photographed, it still comes down to the Laws of Real Estate.

One of the most important topics for me is the waiving of contingencies. Contingencies are there to protect you; once waived, your protection may go away, which is the reason why I never let my clients waive the title contingency. As far as I'm concerned, reading the title report and NOT waiving that contingency in the heat of a competing offer is THE MOST important element within the documents. There are items in a title that may not show up on a listing, perhaps in the inspection, etc. Understanding the process of staying out of trouble is paramount to why one hires a knowledgeable Broker. We're there to protect your interest.

Considering all the hype of social media, online search "experts," and the availability of new apps, credibility is not always assured. We've been bombarded by too much information, resulting in feeling overwhelmed or not understanding the information. These are not excuses for glossing over the safe protocols. The recent debacles with Crypto and FTX are perfect examples of runaway trains to nowhere. The delusion that such search engine and online chat generalities may be treated as fact

has caused us to forget to use our noggins; it's wise to defer to experienced professionals who are able to identify truth and real meaning.

Lastly, with the recent shift in the market, now may be a good time to take stock. Showings have started to pick up and multiple offers are returning, so take a moment and find your sea legs before you jump in! Be mindful of your assets, take your time, ask questions of your licensed Broker, and if you don't understand something, make sure to revisit it. This goes for all issues — not just real estate. We've become accustomed to letting a 5-star review guide us, even when we might not have had a 5-star experience. It's okay to be cautious and maybe a little skeptical; we would do well to heed the maxim "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

I wish you truth, clarity, and a selfless home.

Bainbridge Island real estate over the past 30 days

  • 7 active residential listings High $3,390,000, Median $1,350,000 Low $517,000, Average days on market 20

  • 10 pending residential listings High $1,395,000, Median $1,096,127 Low $615,000, Average days on market 81

  • 10 sold residential listings High $3,800,000, Median $125,000 Low $480,000, Average days on market 86

  • 2 active vacant land listings High $2,700,000, Median $750,000 Low $ $650,000 Average days on market 20

  • 2 sold vacant land listings High $575,000 Median $437,000 Low $299,000, average days on market 75

  • 3 unlisted homes sold Total for $8,520,000, Days on market 0

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