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At Face Value?

Remember the saying “Just take it at Face Value”? Or “At face value, it looks like a good deal!” or “Don’t overthink it?” Well, as a Real Estate Broker those are fighting words in many a context. I take NOTHING at face value, and because I write my own content every month for this blog, I guess I’m entitled to my opinions! You will never see canned content from me, and you might not hear from me about “the goings-on around town” because I choose to write about subjects I deem most important, that come from the heart. No easy task when you’re working seven days a week and helping clients maneuver contracts and make decisions regarding perhaps the most expensive investment of their lives.

A view can be diminished with a few rainy seasons of tree growth

This ever-changing market has people on edge, and whether you’re surfing the internet or asking for advice from your trusted broker, it all becomes daunting and can take the fun out of looking for a home or selling your beloved residence. Sure, I like glossy photos and fun quips about new chocolate stores and restaurants and the latest toney dog washing stations for Rover, but that doesn't make for solid advice as to how to prepare or purchase a home. With all the online content bombarding us, sometimes good old-fashioned advice comes in handy.

Here's an example: You don’t know what you don’t know and you have an uneasy feeling when considering a property — yet because you don’t want to miss out on your “dream home,” you’re reluctant to ask whether those evergreens on the property below will ever block your view. Well, if there’s no view covenant in the title report, there’s a good chance that that unobstructed water view you so look forward to having may disappear over time, rendering your property less valuable. What about that encroachment on the east side of the property you’re looking to purchase? That little dumpy eyesore of a shed that sits on your side of the property but has been “grandfathered in to stay” by your neighbor (NOTE: “Grandfathered in” is not a legal term) can be the bane of your existence if it’s been sitting there long enough to gain adverse possession status! I know this is less fun and more of an “in the trenches" post, but you’ll thank me later for raising questions no one wants to talk about, blog about, or mention.

When we’re on the hunt for our first or forever home, we want to believe it’s all going to work out. Buying a home isn't always a fairytale but it also need not be a nightmare in the making. So don’t take your purchase at Face Value. Make sure to raise questions that are concerning you upfront. Shiny, perfect photos don’t make the dream come true. Pulling back the curtain, asking the hard questions, and reading the title report and Seller Disclosure completely may seem daunting, but your due diligence will pay for itself in spades. Buying a home is not Liar’s Poker — both the seller and the buyer need to show their hand to ensure a win/win.

On that note I’ll let you ponder this post and ask a favor if you’re so inclined: Would you please vote for me? I’d appreciate your support because I work so hard to help people achieve the goals they have for their homes! Tap the image or link below and away you go!

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Bainbridge Island real estate over the past 30 Days

  • 29 active residential listings High $5,300,000, Median $1,495,000 Low $599,000, Average days on market 29

  • 40 pending residential listings High $5,800,000, Median $1,343,000 Low $599,000, Average days on market 10

  • 29 sold residential listings High $5,600,000, Median $1,500,000 Low $370,000, Average days on market 9

  • 1 active vacant land listing $400,000, Average days on market 19

  • 1 pending vacant land listing $525,000, Average days on market 13

  • 4 sold vacant land High $1,750,000, Median $530,000 Low $163,000 Average days on market 26

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