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Looking for a Home Office In Your New Home?

While I try to put into practice what I preach I don’t always follow my own advice. I LOVE the “idea” of working from home but I must say if the environment isn’t right the actual solitude can quickly turn into isolation and excuses to do anything but work. I may stop to put in a load of laundry, take the doggies for another walk, make lunch, a cup of tea or call a friend.

The best way for me to work from home is to make sure I don’t start out the day wearing my pajamas! Just like you wouldn’t wear your PJ’s to the office your home office shouldn’t look like a messy unkept bedroom. Turn your office into a professional setting you would be proud to meet a client. Up your game and invest in furniture which makes you feel professional and says something about how you conduct business.

Keep all the personal paraphernalia out of the way and tidy up at the end of the day so when you “return” to work the next day you’re ready to go. If you have the luxury of giving yourself a view, do so. Treat yourself to a territorial view, water feature in the garden, a view of something pleasant, and try not to choose the least desirable place in the house, such as a room in the basement or a broom closet sized room. If you’re house hunting and need a home office really try to scrutinize your choice of homes so you give yourself a place to work that is quiet, full of light, feels professional and inviting and NOT isolating. The third or fourth bedroom can come in handy as an office if you choose to make it your own and keep it professional!