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Bainbridge Island waterfront

Bainbridge Island waterfront

10 Tips for Buying a Waterfront Home on Bainbridge Island, WA

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing waterfront property. These are some of the top items:

  1. Consider both the home AND the location. This is about more than the house. It’s the entire property. There are 16+ waterfront neighborhoods and each one has a different “personality.” What kind of neighborhood or waterfront are you looking for?
  2. Decide if you want mooring. Will a buoy do or do you want a dock? Whether it’s a mooring buoy, a dock, marina, or boathouse there are a lot of options. It’s best to decide if you want to care for your boat with private docking or have the luxury of a marina where your boat is protected year-round.
  3. Think about how you want to view the water. Unobstructed views of the water, filtered views, high bank, low-bank, no bank. All waterfronts have their pluses and minuses. What do you like best?
  4. REALLY consider your options. Decide whether you are interested in sandy, protected beaches or if a bulkhead is more your style. Your preference in morning or evening sunlight will determine which side of the Island you look at and ultimately purchase on.
  5. Choose your preferred view. Do you like to look at rocky beaches with wind and a view of Seattle or sandy beaches with a protected shoreline and a view of Mt. Rainier?
  6. Have your finances aligned. Get a preapproval letter from your lender. If you have the funds or funding ready, you will be preferred over other buyers.
  7. Check the exterior condition of the home. Waterfront properties must be able to weather the weather! If you’re looking at a specific home, check to see that the roof and siding are in good condition. Don’t forget a Home Inspection!
  8. Talk to prospective neighbors. When viewing a home you are interested in, it pays to talk to the neighbors. This is your chance to ask questions about the neighborhood, schools, and Bainbridge Island in general.
  9. Once again, don’t waive the inspection! If you take a pass on the inspection, you may find that repairs after the sale can be very costly.
  10. Hire a knowledgeable Broker. Waterfront homes can be expensive and having a knowledgeable broker guide you through the process is paramount to having a waterfront home that is also a solid investment.

I’ll Be Happy to Help You with the Process!

With 22 years of experience helping prospective buyers on Bainbridge Island, WA, I can walk you through the waterfront home-buying experience. I live on Bainbridge Island, myself, so I want to make sure you’re happy here too! Please give me a call at 1-206-948-7135.